Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Finally, Pr Bujjingo Clears the Air About Daughters’ Tuition Issue

Pr Bujjingo has finally come out to clarify on the family issue, after the rumour of him deferring to pay tuition and school fees for the children spread on social media like wildfire.

During the press conference at Lungujja pr. Bujjingo refuted all the allegations, saying that all the claims are false and baseless orchestrated to assassinate his character.

He explained this by pointing out the amount of money that he renders to the family on the weekly basis; Shs 800,000 per week which add up to Shs 3.2 million per month to cater for home areas alone. The pastor stated that the motive behind all that is to stand in the way of the upcoming independence night on 4th October 2019 at Namboole stadium.

In the same way, the pastor refuted the allegations that he chased his children from the HPMI Canaan land. On this background, he urged parents to avoid involving children in the parents’ disagreements. Pr Bujjingo went ahead to call upon the minister for children and youths affairs hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to intervene in this matter.


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