Friday, June 24, 2022
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 Pr Bujjingo saddened by ministry of health move to train COVID-19 burial team

Pastor Bujjingo expressed concern regarding the ministry of health’s move to start training those who will be able to bury COVID-19 corpses even when Uganda hasn't lost anyone to this sickness.

On this note he told  believers that their faith is going to see them win this situation.

 As he was preaching during the overnight prayer pastor Bujjingo said that no one on earth can change the situation and overturn people’s problems but only God. Pastor Bujjingo advised those who believers to work hard in order to get what they want because no one is going to help them without their own efforts.

The Pastor condemned the people who come to worship houses expecting human beings or pastors to help them instead of looking at God who created them and all things. And he went further to tell believers to dump a beggarly mindset because God created no one be a beggar.

He also advised believers and those who were watching him and listening to him via salt media platforms to learn to keep secrets and to avoid talking to everyone about them selves but to only tell the creator.

On the same occasion he embarked on discouraging those who are in undesirable circumstances not proud of them to the extent of acquiring titles and honors out of the situations, as he pointed out that getting leadership in bondage or prison doesn't count.

To all those who were thinking of doing harm or hurting themselves, the pastor advised them not to do such a thing but to keep trusting God who has a good plan for their life.

Pastor Bujingo encouraged the believers that victory is coming anytime soon and, therefore they don't have to lose hope

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