Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Communities neighboring water bodies in Bunyangabu district cry out government to provide them with safe and clean water instead of annual immunization of bilharzias tablets which have negative effects on them.

While speaking to residents in Nyakatonzi parish, Kiyombya Sub County in Bunyangabu district said that immediately after swallowing those tablets, reactions take place like; vomiting, stomach ache, diarhoria and among others of which affect their lives; adding that they will no longer take them as the government has failed to bring for them safe and clean water but giving them tablets.

Ninsiima Unique a member of village health team [VHT] said that they are facing a lot of challenges while distributing these tablets as people keep on complaining of negative said effects, they take them because of neighboring lakes and children swim from those water bodies.

She told our reporter that people receives these tablets because they stay near water bodies and children swim in water but with complaints.

This parish is neighboring two creator lakes and people residing in this area are farmers and fishers so there is no any solution to avoid them from going to these creator lakes which has greatly contributed to increasing deaths cases in the area as people drown in these lakes; Mwegenyu and Nganyaki in search of water for domestic use.
According to the chairperson lc1 Nyakatonzi zone, Nyakatonzi parish in Kiyombya Sub County, Bunyangabu district Mr. Aliganyira clovis, scarcity of safe and clean water has also contributed to increasing deaths as people walk long distances to get water and creator lakes are the only water sources in the parish.

Aliganyira disclosed that if the government works on water scarcity in the area this will avoid the drowning of people in the lakes; adding that in three years these two creator lakes have swallowed twelve people among these are residents and other visitors who come to work and tour the place as it is beautiful.

When our reporter contacted the officer in charge of water, sanitation and hygiene in Bunyangabu district Mr. Mugabe Nathan Manyiraho, said that they are aware of the scarcity of safe and clean water in Kiyombya sub county so they are working hard to make sure the sub county has piped clean and safe water except they have financial challenges to pope water from mountain Rwenzori up to Kiyombya sub county which is very expensive that requires to be worked in phases.

However, Bunyangubu district health officer Dr. Obeti Richard said that the immunization against bilharzias is done in three sub counties neighboring creator lakes; Rwiimi, Kibiito and Kiyombya and in all these sub counties people have been complaining over negative side effects of the tablets saying that they should work on water problem instead of giving them tablets annually.
Obeti made it clear that bilharzias in not contracted from drinking unsafe water but the activities done in these water bodies such as swimming, fishing and farming as worms pierce the skin and enter into the body when one get into contact with contaminated water.
He said that as health department together with water department they are working together to make sure these people have clean and safe water for domestic use.

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