Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Kiyombya seed secondary school Administrators in Kiyombya Sub County, Bunyangabu district are on spot over nepotism, malice and bribery in the salary payroll recruitment process.

According to complainants; Kabahuma Alice a teacher of English and Literature, Akugizibwe Henry a business teacher and mathematics and Nyangoma rosemary,they asserted that they have been volunteering in the same school since 2019 hoping that when opportunity comes, they will be considered first.
They revealed that the ministry of education and sports directed the head teacher to submit the names of teachers to be enrolled on payroll but unfortunately he rather submitted names of his choice, relatives.

Parents of the complainants disclosed that the school administration has always asked money so that their children’s names appear on the interview list.
Nyakairu Willy father to tr Kabahuma Alice revealed that her daughter sent 200,000 shillings through mobile money, Mugisa Bonefance father to Akugizibwe Henry was asked to pay 1.2million shillings though he couldn’t manage it, Kasande Mildred from Kyegegwa sent 1.2 million shillings as demanded by school authorities to submit their names but were surprised to find their names were dropped.

In response Kaahwa Adolf the deputy head teacher kiyombya seed secondary school said such teachers sent money on their own choice knowing the admistrators will be bribed to include them on list which was not the case.
Audio of deputy head teacher on refunding money
However,the school head teacher Miss Mbabazi Juliet said the school administration only followed the guidelines from ministry of education which says that the interviews should be only for sitting staffs and these teachers who are complaining came after the list of sitting staffs was already submitted in 2019.



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