The Battle for Top League Position Toughens, Two Teams knocked out

After the confirmation of Wakiso giants and Proline FC into the UPL, one position remains free for the four teams including UPDF, Kansai plascon, Dove FC and Kyetume FC to battle for.

Only one match remains between two teams Kyetume FC Vs Kansai plascon FC

At 8:00 pm on a hot Thursday kyetume FC defatted Dove FC 3-2 in penalty shootouts after a 90 minutes draw of 2-2.

The referee suspended Jackson Mayanaja mia mia the kyetume FC coach from the pitch during the match. However, he was not bothered at all as his assistant Allan Kabonge with a good legacy of bringing four teams to the top league took over, and promised to do it again this season.

Afterward, the UPDF played with Kansai plascon, through which Kansai plascon knocked out the UPDF. This game too ended in penalty shootouts as the 90 minutes elapsed with a 1-1 draw. The penalty shooting resulted in 5-4 in favor of Kansai plascon.

Angelo Ronyesi who similarly has a history of bringing at least four clubs into the UPL profoundly declared that Kyetume FC stands no chance in this case as he is ready to defeat them.

Kyetume will be battling it out with Kansai plascon this Saturday in a fight for top league slot.

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